We respect your privacy and thank you for providing the small amount of information we request from you. We ask the minimum information necessary to ensure we can properly deliver any items you order from us and contact you should it be necessary during order processing.

We will protect our customer information from government inquiries to the extent permitted by law, except that we will voluntarily work with Law Enforcement actively investigating specific under-age purchases of our products, or purchases from jurisdictions where such purchase is illegal. This cooperation will include customer account information such as name, shipping address, email, etc. as well as order history.

We will contact you by email to keep you informed of the status of your orders. We will also contact you by email if a concern is identified with a product you have purchased from us.

In order to keep you informed of new products, promotions or product news, we will periodically send email newsletters. As consumers ourselves, we don’t like overly frequent emails from companies, so we won’t send them too often.

You may unsubscribe from any promotional communications from reBreathe Vapors at any time. Unsubscribe instructions can be found at http://rebreathevapor.com/index.php?main_page=unsubscribe or within any promotional emails from us.

We strive to protect your personal information. Our information systems meet or exceed PCI compliance requirements, and customer information is aggressively protected within all of our business processes.