We’ve Made Progress

The FDA announced July 28th that they will be postponing “The Deeming” regulation enforcement for 4 years (that’s the year 2022). This does not mean that we should sit around and do nothing! We should all be standing together to open the eyes of the FDA to show them the benefits of what E-cigarettes and vaping have done for us as a community. Join together with the many non-profit orginazations on this page and tell your story, keep up to date on the latest news and be informed. We all want the same thing, and that is the right to be smoke free!!

What You May Not Know

We have a serious issue at hand here in Washington State, not to mention the rest of the United States. The Government (FDA specifically) is putting a lot of huge expectations on the vaping industry as a whole, to the point of possible shut-down / lock-down of manufacturing cessation on many e-liquids and other products. If not the complete cessation, then ridiculous costs and lengthy approval processes that will kill most of the industry. Our own senators seem to have a harder time understanding the health benefits of vaping and what it provides as far as less unemployment for the nation as a whole. On March 21, 2017, Pink Lung Brigade's Vice-President, Marc Jarrett, gave testimony in opposition to House bills HB-2144 & HB-2165 which would tax vapor products at 95% and 60% respectively. By Marc Jarrett's account during the hearing, the passing of a recent Pennsylvania 40% wholesale tax on vapor products led to the subsequent closing of "110 plus and counting vape shops that have closed".

Who Doesn’t Like Flavor?

Unfortunately, that’s not all. According to a recent development, “the San Francisco flavor ban was hastily passed by the full Board of Supervisors at their regular meeting on Tuesday, June 20th. One more vote–which is expected to be unanimous–is all that’s needed to make the decision official”. This has a cascading damning effect for the rest of the vaping community. If this fully sticks, and there are no repeals in the works, this “flavor ban” could be the major stepping stone that is needed for the FDA to attempt to crush the little man and overtake the industry as a whole. WE MUST NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!!

Only we, the vaping community, can make a difference and have our voices be heard! We all need to rise together and speak out against the overzealous organizations. There are so many advocate groups that have such a strong stance for you, the vaping community! They….no….WE need your voice of experience & knowledge!

Do You Know What's Going On?


We all need someone in our corner to fight back against the “Ivan Dragos” (Rocky IV) of the oppressive government agencies. This is where a great company, Nicopure Labs, has taken a strong stance in the fight against the August 8th “Deeming”. By partnering up with Right 2 Be Smoke FreeNicopure has filled a lawsuit against the FDA that wholly challenges what the deeming imposed. Yes there needs to be regulation, yes there needs to be control, no one is saying any different. But not at the cost of upwards of almost a million dollars for a Pre-Market Tobacco Applications process (PMTA) that may not even allow a product to pass.  This is the same approval process used by Big Tobacco products, such as conventional cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and chewing tobacco. This will kill almost all small businesses! And for those that survive, the cost of in-store product would be astronomical! Voting, commenting, and/or donating toward this and other state causes on behalf of the vaping communities nation wide will be the only way that we can keep the FDA down and out from imposing ridiculous laws and regulations. Take a stance with us and FIGHT BACK to keep our right to be smoke free!!!