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Western Washington's Source for Vapor Products, E-cigarettes, and E-liquid.

reBreathe Vapor is one of the most competitive vape stores in Washington state with a wide selection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, and hardware for vapers. Our brick-and-mortar location serves vape users and ex-smokers in Aberdeen,WA and surrounding areas. For over 10 years, we have employed friendly and knowledgeable staff members that can assist in finding the best setup for your needs and budget regardless of your level in vapor products. Customer service is one of our highest priorities and we take pride in the satisfaction of every one of our customers regardless of their experience and usage. We don’t try to up-sell you in products that aren’t what you need because we want our customers to use e-cigarettes as a successful method for quitting cigarettes. We do not condone underage use of vapor products and take all the necessary measures to ensure the sale of vape products is legal in addition to keeping up with the current vape regulations of Washington State. After the statewide ban of flavors, we have pushed hard and still remain open and available to serve the customers of WA and beyond because of our ability to serve our customer’s needs. 

We do our best to keep in stock your favorite vape products as well as introduce the newest ones that just hit the market. We carry one of the most popular brands in the vapor industry include SMOKTech, Aspire, Wismec, Suorin, Sigelei, Wotofo, VooPoo, and more. That does not include our variety of premium e-liquid that we know are industry favorites such as Naked100, Cloud 9 Vapor, Propaganda, Air Factory, Space Jam, Okami Brand, Humble E-liquids, and more.

Whether you’re looking for something basic to start out with or high-end to upgrade to, we’ve got the setup for you. Interested in the original classic vapes? We have those too! We offer a 30-day manufacturer warranty so you can be sure your purchase will work for the long run. If you ever have any questions regarding product information and/or technical difficulties, feel free to reach out to us or visit your local vape store! We respond within the next business day. Read more about us.